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Senior Pet Services and Care

Senior Pet Services and Care at Perry Hall Animal Hospital

Senior Bloodwork

Monty and Marge our hospital cats, get their senior blood screen every three to six months and it's helped us to keep them healthy by detecting and treating illness in the early stages.  We know that this is a great way to ensure your adult or senior pet (age 4 or over) is healthy on the inside and allows our medical team to diagnose or discover any potential problems early on.  If everything looks pretty and perfect on the blood work, then you'll feel great and we'll have baseline values specific to your pet to refer back to if he or she ever does get sick.  It's also great information that we can monitor over time to catch any early signs of disease.  Give your senior pet (and your family) the gift of a five more years this holiday season by getting a senior exam and blood panel screen.

PRP Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

PHAH is proud to offer cutting edge therapies like underwater treadmill, cold laser therapy and now PRP (Protein Rich Plasma).
Regenerative medicine is a fast-emerging branch of veterinary medicine in which the body’s own cells are used to heal and ultimately regenerate damaged tissues in acute and chronic conditions. This area of medicine includes Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell therapies. PRP is blood that is taken from your pet and processed in a special centrifuge. The remaining solution contains a high concentration of platelets which contain numerous growth factors that facilitate tissue repair and healing.  This solution is then injected back into your pet at the sight of injury or arthritis - normally into the joint capsule.  Because PRP is obtained from the patient's own blood, there is minimal risk and the positive effects of treatment can last up to a year.

Schedule your appointment with one of doctors today, to learn more about this therapy and if your pet can benefit from this minimally invasive procedure that takes less than a few hours.

Osteoarthritis Relief and Senior Pet Services and Care

max-pictureIt’s tough getting old! But it doesn’t have to be painful or debilitating.  There are many new and innovative medical treatments to help those arthritic joints and allow your pet to live out his golden years with joy and dignity!

We love our senior pets and think they deserve the best care and everything that's available to them.  Old age doesn't have to be a disease anymore and there are many treatments and therapies that will prolong their quality of life.  Senior pets (over age 7) should be seen two times a year for a thorough check up.  Pets age much faster than humans, so a 6 month time period is like 3.5 years to us!  You wouldn't wait 3 years to get a check up if you were a senior citizen, so do your pet a favor and visit us at least twice a year to catch any potential illnesses in their early stages.

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