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Treatments and Modalities

Treatments and Modalities

Heated Underwater Treadmill: The therapeutic effects of water are combined with exercise to provide a safe and comfortable workout.  The water level can be adjusted to offer more buoyancy, or resistance depending on the needs of the patient.

Electric Stimulation is the use of an electrical current to help stimulate muscle tissues in the target area to contract.

Cold Laser Therapy is the use of light to affect tissue. It is shown to relieve muscle and joint pain, relieve arthritis symptoms, relax muscle spasms and increase blood flow to help wound and tissue healing at the cellular level.

Manual Therapy is a form of therapy that uses the therapist’s hands including joint mobilizations, traction, myofascial release, and muscle trigger point release.

Passive Therapeutic Exercise: passive range of motion and stretching exercises help maintain or improve the ability of the joint to flex and extend, increase body awareness, and improve flexibility of muscles and tendons

Balance Board, BOSU Board, Fitness Ball: Exercising on this equipment improves a dog’s balance, core strength and proprioception (body and balance awareness).

Thermotherapy: the appropriate use of hot or cold application to reduce inflammation, promote healing, or increase elasticity of tissue. This is often combined with compression, especially post-operatively.

Therapeutic Massage: increases circulation to improve healing, decrease pain, reduce swelling and enhance relaxation.

Stem Cell Therapy: Uses stem cells from the patients own fat tissue to treat traumatic and degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis.

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