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COVID Appointment Rules

COVID-19 Appointment Guidelines at Perry Hall Animal Hospital

We ask that you please strictly adhere to our current appointment protocols that are in place for the safety of your pets and our staff.

1. When you arrive for your appointment, please call or text us on our designated patient check-in line at 410-816-5506 with the number of the orange cone you are parked in front of, your pet’s full name and the best phone number to reach you. Please be patient as there may be some other clients calling in at the same time and we will be sure to attend to you and your pet within 5 minutes of your arrival.

2. Have your cell phone available and ready to accept calls from “unknown” numbers, as we must use our personal phones at times due to high call volumes and social distancing within the hospital.

3. Please have a MASK ON when a staff member approaches your vehicle!!!

4. Please have ALL CATS IN A CARRIER.

5. REMAIN in your vehicle at all times unless instructed by a staff member to exit in order to help with your pet. Our staff have been trained and are very good at opening car doors for your pets safely!

6. For everyone’s safety and proper disinfecting protocols, we will be using one of our leashes to bring your dog into the building. A staff member will put the leash on your dog.

7. DO NOT LEAVE OUR PARKING LOT or YOUR PARKING SPACE once your pet is taken inside. PLEASE ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHEN WE CALL from inside the building. If you are dropping your pet off for an extended procedure, you must fill out the necessary paperwork for any drop-off appointment.

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