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Why is it so important to bring your cat in for an annual exam?


We know the difficulties that a cat owner goes through to bring your furry feline into the office.  We know it may not seem worth the time, trouble and cost but this is why it most certainly is:

Cats hide their pain and disease very well. In many cases, by the time your cat is showing clinical signs of disease, the disease is already in it’s advanced stages and much harder and more expensive to treat.

Even the younger, indoor only cats need yearly exams, flea and heart worm protection, vaccines and regular dental cleanings.  We bring many parasites (fleas, ticks, mosquitos, worm eggs) inside the house on our shoes and clothes.  Other animals in the house can also carry these menaces inside.

Perry Hall Animal Hospital is committed to helping your cat’s visit go smoothly and as stress free as possible.  You and your cat can wait in a private exam room instead of the waiting area where it may be loud and noisy from those silly canines!  Our technicians are trained to restrain and hold with comfort and compassion in mind.

Perry Hall offers Cat-Only Days to help your cat feel less stressed at the vet.  These special days also offer special savings for your fantastic felines!

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