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Cat Only Days


Perry Hall Animal Hospital is happy to now offer CAT-ONLY DAYS!

We know how hard it can be to get your felines feeling good with regular visits to the vet.  The chasing, squirming, coaxing and cramming into a little plastic carrier can make for an eventful morning!  We'd like to reward you for your efforts of taking your cat on the journey from your house to ours and back again - to then have to face the evil eye and cattitude for the next week.

Cats hide their illnesses very well and many times you won't know your cat may be having a problem until the signs and symptoms of the disease are in an advanced stage.  We can help identify potential problems or disease processes with yearly check ups and screenings which can include diagnostic testing such as blood work, urinalysis and x-rays.


Please contact our office for the next upcoming cat-only day or to reserve a spot for the next one!


SPECIAL OFFERS - Only available on Cat-Only Days!

  • Free nail trims for all cat exams

  • 25% OFF multiple cat exams (each additional cat scheduled that day)

  • Welcome Back to the Vet Package $150 - exam, rabies vaccine, blood work panel

It's gonna be a CAT-PARTY! Door prizes, give-aways and Freebies! MEEEOOOOWWW!

Call our office for more details and schedule your appointment today!  We only have a limited number of appointments available!

*Dogs will be seen only for emergencies if needed on a case by case basis but will not be in the waiting area or cat-only areas.

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